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PFB Construction Management Services Limited

Safety by design is no accident


At PFB Construction Management Services Limited, our core values of Plan, Build, and Maintain shape our approach to every project. With a strong emphasis on meticulous planning, we lay a solid foundation for success through careful strategizing and feasibility assessments. Our expertise in construction management allows us to bring visions to life, leveraging skilled professionals, innovative techniques, and a commitment to quality. Furthermore, our dedication to long-term sustainability extends beyond project completion as we prioritize ongoing maintenance to ensure the continued performance and value of the structures we build.

These values serve as guiding principles, driving our commitment to excellence, integrity, and lasting success in the construction industry.


Thorough planning sets the foundation for success. We meticulously strategize, assess feasibility, and prepare for every construction project, ensuring a solid roadmap for execution.


Our expertise in construction management, where we bring visions to life. With skilled professionals, innovative techniques, and a commitment to quality, we construct remarkable structures.


We go beyond project completion by providing comprehensive support for ongoing maintenance. Our focus on sustainability ensures the continued performance, value, and integrity of the structures.

Latest Projects

Discover the brilliance of PFB Construction Management Services Limited through our latest showcase of captivating construction projects. From commercial developments to residential masterpieces and everything in between, our portfolio exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation. Each project reflects our unwavering dedication to safety, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering passion for delivering exceptional results. Explore our latest projects to witness the transformative power of our expertise, and let them inspire you as we embark on the journey of bringing your unique vision to life.

Stratford Waterfront

Situated on a slender site along the river Lea, nestled between Carpenters Road and the WaterWorks River, buildings occupy a prominent position on the Olympic Parks easter edge which is approachable.

Shop Fit-Out Works ∙ 6-7 Mount Street

6-7 Mount Street is Grade II listed undergoing refurbishment works. The building is situated on the corner of Mount Street and Carpenter Street. The intention is to create a showroom with a rich...

8 Bishopsgate · London

Designed by Wilkinson Eyre and Arup for client Mitsubishi Estate London, and being delivered by Stanhope, the scheme is conceived as a series of stacked blocks in response to its urban context.

Greenwich Campus - Old Royal Naval College

PFB have undertaken various projects at the University of Greenwich including Dreadnought Learning Spaces Refurbishment, Student Accommodation refurbishments, Laboratory refurbishment works and...

Project Walrus [St Magnus House]

St Magnus House is a commercial building set out over 8 floors on Lower Thames Street, and overlooks the River Thames. St Magnus House is named after nearby church, Church of Saint Magnus-the-Martyr.

New Zealand

New Zealand House is located at 80 Haymarket at the intersection with Pall Mall. The surrounding usages are a mixture of commercial, hotel, retail and entertainment venues.

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HSE Notifications

Explore PFB Construction Management Services Limited's latest HSE Notifications, showcasing our commitment to prioritizing health and safety. These notifications highlight our proactive approach in identifying hazards, complying with regulations, and promoting a safety-driven culture. From risk assessments to incident reports and safety protocols, they exemplify our dedication to creating secure work environments. Witness our unwavering commitment to protecting lives and fostering excellence in construction safety.

Mental Health Awareness

Employers have a responsibility to identify the risks of stress and act on them to improve conditions at work. Making adjustments and helping someone manage a mental health problem at work.

Updates to publications on first aid at work

- Information about the health and safety law poster - Updates HSE has made to publications on first aid at work - Guidance and resources for those responsible for managing asbestos in buildings

Where asbestos hides

These posters have been designed in support of HSE’s campaign to raise awareness of asbestos-related health risks. They aim to inform workers of the most common locations asbestos can be found.

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